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February 22, 2011

Forging Our Destruction

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“Hermes asked Zeus how he should impart justice and reverence among men:-Should he distribute them as the arts are distributed; that is to say, to a favoured few only, one skilled individual having enough of medicine or of any other art for many unskilled ones?’Shall this be the manner in which I am to distribute justice and reverence among men, or shall I give them to all?’ ‘To all,’ said Zeus; ‘I should like them all to have a share; for cities cannot exist, if a few only share in the virtues, as in the arts.'”

What this myth reveals about technology is that, in all forms, we need it for the progress and survival of mankind. What I find interesting are the steps to which humans have taken the necessity of this gift from the Gods. It has become an accessory in the everyday tasks of humans. This was not the original purpose. Technology was supposed to keep humans safe from disease, animals, and harsh weather conditions, but due to human misuse of this gift, technology and its uses to blast music into the ears of a listener in an effort to block out the massive noise pollution in metropolitan cities. Technology now alters bodies and the human ideal of natural beauty. Technology has turned us into monsters. The above selection from the reading supports my interpretation of technology in that it holds accountable the entire human race for the current state of the world. We all had a say. We all continue to have a say and yet we are still heading in the wrong directions. Knowledge should breed reason which would then give way to logic and eventual peace [look at me being idealistic] but human greed, pride and want of glory has sullied our pure honor and intent. When we are done ravaging our world, as Hermes meted out reverence amongst us, so shall justice be mete out in equal rations for our actions and inaction.


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