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October 31, 2010

Victor Frankenstein, Monster.

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Frankenstein, through scientific dedication and study, becomes the creator of life in the novel. Beforehand there were no referenced to God, but soon into the text the reader can see the similarities in Frankenstein and ideas of God, but rather as an unjust and as an imperfect creator. Though he is the maker of the monster Frankenstein is not happy with his creation and thus attempts to forget about its existence until he learns that the monster killed his brother. This is when Frankenstein wishes for the death of the monster and goes about to succeed in it.

However, the monster is a factor that is not looked at directly. He did not ask to be created but he exists, and of all the creatures on the planet he can find no companion. His existence has no meaning because he has no companion and his creator wants nothing to do with him. Created from need and discarded because of fear, the monster exposes Frankenstein’s real identity; that of true monster: a giver and taker of life, one who with the frightening meeting with his creation condemns it to a life of loneliness. Frankenstein becomes an unjust God.


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