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September 9, 2010

Sharon Olds, “Summer Solstice”

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Enter: jumping man. Though he seems to be the moving force of this poem, one can also infer that he is running away from the embodiment of technology, the policemen in their Kevlar vests.This poem portrays technology as some thing to run away fromĀ  by first presenting a man who is removing himself from the more solid aspects of technology and policemen, who place themselves in shells of technology.

At first it seems the main character of this poem is the suicidal man; however, after closer reading one finds that the characters most affected by technology are the police and that the ‘suicidal’ man only seems to want to move away from all the technology, having chosen to stand by a “green” cornice (line 4). As the suicidal man sees that his only escape from technology is to jump off of a building, from the “green tin cornice”, the police respond by putting on a, “a black shell around his own life,” (line 8-9). The police find security and comfort in their metal surroundings, but the suicidal man, in trying to escape technology, is eventually led away from the edge of the building and re-assimilated into society’s methods and norms by smoking a machine made cigarette, which is lit, more than likely, with ‘portable fire.’ The reality of the policemen is threatened by the attempt at suicide; escape from technology. Though suicidal people are approached with caution and care, police must still put on their bulletproof vests and have their department issued guns and gear on at all times. Every aspect of their job takes them further away from nature and what is natural, which begs the question, “Who is really dying? And, who is really living?”

Hello and welcome

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A quick hello to future readers of this course blog. I am glad my attempt at creating and linking this blog actually worked. Looking forward to sharing some thoughts on the course work.




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